Bellmont Cabinet Company

Sumner, WA
This was a two-part project working directly for the customer, Bellmont Cabinet Co. Scope included interior paint fume and dust collection and support infrastructure for a large Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer.
Our team installed all spiral exhaust ductwork from specialized paint line machines through the roof of the building. The paint dust was collected into a cartridge-style dust collector through a large spiral ductwork in the building and exited to the exterior collector.

A boiler was designed and installed to provide the painting equipment with processed hot water for a curing and drying oven. Domestic water was also piped over to the equipment for cleaning processes.
We performed all general contractor duties, including the design and pouring of a 30’ x 50’ x 24” thick concrete support slab, roof repair work for duct supports, natural gas lines (600’), air compressor and air lines, and line voltage and control wiring disconnects.

The highlight of the project was the spiral ducting that went up the 30’ wall and over several hundred feet to 14 roof outlets, gathering the concentrated paint fume air and delivering it to a filter and the RTO for cleaning.